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Atomic Visualization based on RAPEX data

Atomic Visualization of Serious Risk Products

When a product (e.g. a toy, a childcare article or a household appliance) is posing a serious risk to the health and safety of civilians it will be collected in a central rapid alert system (RAPEX) by the European Commission. The data visualization represents all collected products in 2013 and by clicking on one of the following tabs the products are displayed and structured based on a chosen attribute (e.g. country of origin or product category).

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Visualizing Cancer Statistics

Flow of Cancer Statistics

The analysis of statistical data about cancer occurence is an essential task in epidemiology. It is important to identify risk factors in the early stage of occurrence. The challenge is that every cancer occurence must be analysed under different perspectives. Every occurence contains information about the age, gender, localization of the cancer (e.g. lung) and implication. Through this multidimensional view the visualization of cancer statistics must cover these properties simultaneously.

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