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Representing the cigarette smoking and alcoholic drinking teenagers in Europe

Social Indicator Chart presented at the DWM Workshop Namur

The usage of design principles is the basis for the development of insightful data visualizations. In particular, the scalability of visualization was the topic at the DWM Workshop in Namur, Belgium. Design principles are not only useful for data visualization but also commonly used in advertising, illustrating complex content, and product design. The basic idea is always the same to shape an idea for clear communication. If you use design principles in your data visualization, you can figure out patterns, outliers, and eliminating noise of data.

March 12, 2014 | Comments (1) | Category: Visualization
The Right to Forget is visualization about the removal requests based on the Google Transparency Report.

The Right to Forget

Google is collecting every removal request recieved from government agencies and courts around the world. The increasing number of removal requests is leaving a black hole in the world wide web. The developed bubble chart represents the collected removal requests by the Google Transparency Report. The analogy was a black hole to point out the increasing censorship in the world wide web but also to emphasize the need to remove content especially for defamation in the same way.

September 25, 2013 | Comments (1) | Category: Visualization
Featured image about the visualzation "Talk about #BigData"

Talk about #BigData

Big Data is an upcoming trend to give people the technology for analyzing massive data sets. One major challenge is to get insight in unstructured data like twitter messages. The provided visualization summarizes the related tags around #BigData by an extraction process. During a period of collection between the 16.02.2013 and 11.05.2013 it is possible to discover short- and long-term conversations about a specific aspect of Big Data. You will see that highly used tags like #Cloud or #Analytics are enjoying a long conversation about the topic.

June 02, 2013 | Comments (1) | Category: Visualization