Big Data Technology Circle

February 13, 2017

The radial view shows the number of commits (green) and contributors (blue) of collected big data technologies. Technologies like Spark, Hbase, or Hive are open source and use Git as their central repository to develop and maintain features. The awesome community provides a curation of big data technologies with well discussed categories. Each technology will be selected, discussed, and assigned to a specific category by a community. Readers can get inisghts of their general application and the richness of upcoming big data technologies.
The goal was to show the increasing number of big data technologies and those technologies with a high number of changes or contributors. MySQL (Server) is one of the continously developed technologies with the highest number of commits and contributors. But in particular, Spark is a younger technology with an increasing number of contributors and commits. Comparing these technologies in a radial view provides a consistent overall perspective about all collected technologies. The user can zoom into particular technologies and to the differences more in detail.

See the visualization

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