Talk about #BigData

June 2, 2013

Big Data is an upcoming trend to give people the technology for analyzing massive data sets. One major challenge is to find useful insights in unstructured data like twitter messages. The provided visualization summarizes the related tags around #BigData by an extraction process. During a period of collection between the 16.02.2013 and 11.05.2013 it is possible to discover short- and long-term conversations about a specific aspect of Big Data. You will see that highly used tags like #Cloud or #Analytics are enjoying a long conversation about the topic. It seems that the usage of Big Data technologies is only worthwile if a cloud infrastructure takes place. A cloud infrastructure is promising a high scalable infrastructure to achieve the necessary power for the #Analytics component. It’s a complementary trend for the field of data visualization, especially the rising job vacancies of data scientists. The continuing conversation goes fast and brings the necessary knowledge gain for society, economic and scientific challenges.

The visualization method is based on an interactive bubble chart. It is possible to arrange the bubbles as you wish. One goal was to emphasize the organic aspects in a conversation. There are hashtags with a short life span and in contrast highly used hashtags with a life span over the whole conversation about Big Data. In this way the appearence and disappearence of bubbles was animated smoothly and shows the active conversation over time.

See the visualization >

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  1. Roy Peretz says:

    Hi Guys,

    I would like to find out if I could purchase the rights to use this beautiful control in a commercial application that my company is working on.

    Please advise.


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