Heatmap Discovery of the German Population

January 8, 2013

Germany is getting older especially in the forecast from 2015 to 2060. The heatmap shows the German population from 1992 to 2060. Through the use of this visualization technique it is possible to see patterns based on a table of data. Instead of diplaying numbers, you can use colors to indicate intersting points in the table. If you take a closer look through the slider (between 5 to 8 million people) it is possible to see the highest quantity of people as a subset. At 1992 the most of the people were at the age between 25 to 29 years by 7,097,270. In the future most of the people are 85 years or older by a total number of 5,645,638 at 2060. This dramatically movement is easily visible through the green color intensity, which is getting darker if the number is higher.

The visualization was developed with D3.js based on the data by Eurostat, Gesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes, WHO provided from visualizing.org.

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